falls here !!!

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Well , I haven’t posted here for a bit. My hunters have emailed and complained that they wanted to keep up with what we are doing all summer ! so i will try to keep everyone informed. We are will post some new pictures and videos that I am sure you will enjoy. We filmed a new show with the Boone & Crockett club this spring ! That was a blast ! We will be doing more filming this fall. Rhys and Rob have been busy building tree platforms and cutting trail into the Goat range . Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter and RSS feeds

Mark & Crew …see you soon !

Our Last Moose Hunt

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Here are the results of the last moose hunt of the season!


lastmoose2 lastmoose3

On the Trail of a Big Moose

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Showing the location we hunted and some evidence of moose – scrapings on some pine trees.

mooselocation1 mooselocation2

New Tree Stands for 2011

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New tree stands for 2011 season ! Big bull first day on the stand !


stand1 stand2

September Bear Hunt

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Huge blackbear shot in mid September 2011.  Troy D the lucky hunter.


Winter wolf hunting & Thanksgiving

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November 2010 – Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of BC Guide Outfitters and the Werner Family we wish you a happy Thanksgiving .
As most of you know, we have moved into our hunting camp full time. It has been an awesome experience enduring the Canadian cold weather! So far our water system has stood up to the test! We have continued to scout as we are collecting firewood and the Moose population has wintered well so far. We are very thankful for all the blessings that God has given us. We also acknowledge that living full time at our hunting lodge is living our dream and we are thrilled that we can share this experience with many of you.

We are now preparing for our winter wolf hunting and booking for 2011 and 2012.
We are offering a Thanksgiving special of $2500 per person.

We are now 50% booked for our spot & stalk spring Bear hunt.
We have part of 2 weeks left to book for spring 2011.

Thanksgiving special $2950 per person spring Bear hunt. Currently we have 6 spots open.
Fall Bear/Deer hunt . Only 4 spots open $2950 per person.

We now have a landline telephone at the camp , so call just to say hi ! 250-967-4826.

We have put together a great video in preparation for our Winter Wolf Hunts starting soon, check it out by clicking on the image at right. Many of you receiving this e-mail are very close to our family and have become good friends.
We really enjoyed seeing many of you again this fall.
Our Show Schedule for the Winter of 2010:
• Dallas Safari Club Jan 6 – 9 2011
• SCI Reno Annual Hunters convention Jan 26 – 29 2011
• Portland Sportsman show Feb 9 – 13 2011

Come see us at one of these shows! We expect to be booked before we even get to the shows, but we still love to see our friends and visit!
2011 Bookings

This is the last chance to book at 2010 prices. We will be updating the website with new prices in November.

Here are the last minute prices.
• Winter wolf hunt $2500. 2 on 1 (2010)
• Spring Bear hunt $2950. 2 on 1 (2011)
• Moose 2011 $ 5950. 2 on 1 (2011)

Take advantage of these last minute specials and come hunt with our family.

Good hunting!

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the tips or deals. You can contact us through our website at www.bcguideoutfitters.com. Stop by our blog when you have time as we are at home and writing again – www.adventureoutdoors.ca/blog


Mark Werner
BC Guide Outfitters

great to see Luke

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It was great to see Luke this weekend while traveling through Kamloops.Luke will start hunting thius next year.


2010 season finished

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Well it is finally over. It was the best Moose season we ever had . Even better than last year. It seemed like Moose were everywhere. I think Bernie was actally a little freaked out,because they never seen that many big bulls killed in a year. I will keep posting pictures and try to keep on this blog.

We are getting ready for winter. We have moved into out lodge for the winter season. Wolf hunts are starting.I have a alot of winterizing to do.We also start our show season . I will post it soon.


Grizzly Bear Revenge – part 1

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As we watched our last hunting party clear through the airlines check in, I felt a sigh of relief. It had been a good spring with sixteen hunters killing sixteen bears, some of which were trophy-class animals. My partner, Troy Larson, and I had spent the last three months building cabins, putting in a wood heat hot tub for the hunters and scouting the guide territory. The hunting trips took four weeks in total to complete and all the hunters were pleased. Now it was our turn…

It was June 7th. I had finally drawn a special limited entry for spring Grizzly in my favorite bear spot. The problem was we were running out of time. The tag would expire in eight days and we still had a week of shutdown. It didn’t take much convincing for Troy to say, “Skip it, we’ll work on the camp later.” Off we went. It took us less than two hours to pack up. The other guides and cooks had planned an-end-of-season celebration dinner but they understood this was really a once in a lifetime opportunity with the way the tags for Grizzly Bears are allocated. Troy, myself and Assistant Guide, Robert Depfyffer, headed off to our special spot, PREDATOR VALLEY. This was a spot that Troy and I had discovered fourteen years before while moose hunting. Year after year we saw fewer Moose and more Black Bear, Wolves and Grizzly. The previous year, we had seen Wolves, a very large Grizzly and had taken two trophy-class Black Bear, all in three days. Now we had a Grizzly tag. I also hoped to take a Wolf.

The drive was two hours from our lodge and we would be driving in the evening – prime time! Last year we spotted Troy’s bear within the first hour of the hunt. This year proved to be no different. We spotted several good bears on the way in but wanted to keep going. We still had several hours to reach our Base Camp. Then the action started…

Stay tuned for Part 2….

New Blog is up !

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Hi Folks, well this is the first post on this blog. The new blog is spposed to be easier for putting up photo’s and s on ! So I will try to have a update once a week what is happening in the Werner family and Backcountry Adventures